Formerly Known As “Acher’s Musings”

Welcome to The Thinking Yid, formerly known as Acher’s Musings.

Apparently, the satire behind naming the site was lost on many and thus did not appeal to the masses. “The Thinking Yid” is considered by many more apropos and helps better convey the idea that this site represents.

We will now be known as The Thinking Yid.

Any Questions? Comment below.

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Why “Acher’s Musings”?



  1. Ok. But remember that a town clock is built high up in a clock-tower because (possibly) it prevents people from changing the clock, on a whim, to conform to what it says on their individual watch.


    1. A site for the people, by the people. People keep formulating excuses not to contribute. I’ve already created an aire of complete anonymity. The name change was just another move to eliminate all excuses. We await for the voice of the public.


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