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Right is Left and Left is Right!

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“Right is Left and Left is Right”: A Rebuttal

In the “About” section of Acher’s Musings Blog,, it says thus:

“Many people are… fooled into believing that they cannot think for themselves. They need a Rebbeh, a Gadol to think for them and to get them closer to Hashem. That is diametrically opposed to the views of Judaism. We believe that each… person has the ability to connect with Hashem on their own. They can look to others for inspiration but…”

How to square the circle? I am referring to what is called Daas Torah. (more…)

Segulah or Avodah Zarah?


Thoughts on Segu’los

Recently I was in the Living Torah Museum in Boro Park, New York. As the fascinating tour was going on the guide mentioned three different segu’los. While thinking about the subject of segu’los in general it occurred to me that there may be a great downside to this practice. In a way this idea takes our focus away from the One who provides the bracha, Hashem, and refocuses us on what an object can do for us. (more…)

Rebishe Perks


Published February 2016.

Shabbos Drasha, Parshas Tetzaveh

Rebishe Perks

This week’s Parsha starts off by telling us “V’yikche aylechu shemen zeis zoch” to take pure olive to burn in the lamp continuously. We see the Torah instructing us in a chronological order. In last week’s parsha it gives the exact details and the intricate measurements on how to build the Mishkan – the Tabernacle. Now that we have the Mishkan up and standing, we are told on who should be the ones to Minister in it, to do the Avodah. In the first part of this week’s Parsha we go through the details on how to make the vestments for the children of Ahron, the Kohanim, on how they should dress while doing the services. (more…)

Haters of the Draft


This article was written a few months back.

Haters of the Draft

With the day of “demonstration and prayer” in Israel and the one in New York over, the Israeli cabinet is set next week to take up the Shaked commission’s resolution to have a universal draft for all. This will require a good part of the Charedi community to join the army. Speaker after speaker, article after article in the Charedi newspapers condemned this as an “attack on Torah”, saying there is no other reason for this, other than to destroy torah learning. (more…)

What Has Happened To Lakewood?



I vividly remember my first impression of Lakewood almost 30 years ago, when I visited family members living in the small kolel town in New Jersey. In those days the kolel families were pretty much contained to a few block radius. There was a sense of comradeship and belonging that created a wonderful “one big happy family” type feeling. Simchas were a community event. (more…)