Donald Trump and Israel


Donald Trump has just announced his intention to nominate David Friedman to be the US ambassador to Israel. The press release signaled a dramatic change in US-Israel relations. Friedman is quoted as saying that he wishes to strengthen the relationship between the two countries “from the U.S. embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem”. What a delight!

It’s clear that a Trump presidency will be, on the whole, markedly warmer to Israel than the previous administration. (Remember that under Obama the US had a “designated yeller” whose job it was to scream at Netanyahu and rebuke him for any perceived misdeed.) In fact, even Pro-Hillary Jewish intellectual Harry Maryles, over at Emes Ve-Emunah, believes that this may very well the most pro-Israel administration in US history. A final sign that this a tremendous appointment by Donald John Trump is the way the wrist-slitting, jellyfish harridans and pajama boys over at J Street are throwing a temper tantrum over it.

Since it is the season of gift-giving, I thought I would write a wishlist of things that I expect from the US viz. Israel. Who knows, it is the season of miracles, after all. What’s a few Palestinians when God delivered us from the mighty Seleucids (Syrian Greeks). (Stay put, as there will be some articles on Chanukah in the near future.)

  1. Move America’s embassy to Jerusalem, at long last. Every Republican in recent memory, including our soon to be President Trump, has promised this. Time to do it. No major country suffers the indignity of not having its capital city recognized as such by the serious players of the world, and neither should Israel. There have been Jews dwelling in Jerusalem, almost without break, for three millennia. Jerusalem was Israel’s capital before there was a Washington D.C., before there was a Berlin, before there was a London, and, most probably, before there was a Rome. It’s time to give it it’s fair due.  
  1. Stop speaking about Middle Eastern Peace. Also, fire the Pointy Heads at the State Department who, astonishingly, believe that the Middle East is a monolith, and that if Israel were to achieve peace with the Palestinians, Iraq (2003), or Iran (now), would stop developing nuclear weapons. Muslims and Arabs have been killing each other before the invention of the Palestinians, and will still be killing each other after the last Palestinian ceases to exist.
  1. Recognize that the Two State Solution is a Unicorn. But unlike Unicorns, which are blindingly beautiful, a Palestinian State would just be a typical ugly Arab state, steeped in corruption, violence, squalor, terrorism, and tyranny. Stop pursuing it with with reckless abandon.
  1. Prevent Iran from getting The Bomb. Unfortunately, because of the dithering fecklessness of Obama’s excuse for Foreign Policy, Iran is more emboldened than ever. At this point only force or the threat of force will prevent Iran from going nuclear.
  1. Stop Telling Israel how to treat the Palestinians. Israel doesn’t tell America how to treat the Indians that the Europeans spent four-hundred years conquering, subjugating and expelling. The US should respond in kind, and not interfere with the domestic affairs of its ally.

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  1. Thanks, (I guess). I updated it and put Syrian Greek in brackets. Also, I think very highly of the readers, yourself included.


  2. Thanks. If you are interested in Seleucids stay tuned for my forthcomeing article on Chanukah.


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