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The Power of NO


We live in a Modern, Western, and Liberal society (especially those of us who live in America, though these ideas are pervasive throughout the entire world). A world in which Yes is a byword. Where we give an unlimited and unbounded Yes to human rights, LGBTQ rights, healthcare, Nazi free speech, black power, police power, the list goes on and on. A world where we acknowledge every problem and attempt to make all people feel comfortable in whatever situation they may be in. Be it social, economic or political. A world where everyone is a winner; even those who could not cross the finish line. (more…)

Whitewashing Gedolim


Whitewashing Gedolim

Why do we whitewash the lives of our gedolim? Why is that we feel that if we say a gadol made a mistake, or wasn’t the smartest person in the room, or wasn’t always ecstatic that it in some way takes away from their greatness? Why does every gadol story go something like this: He mastered chumash by age three, Mishnah by age five, and Shas by age ten. He never was unhappy a day in his life. (more…)

Segulah or Avodah Zarah?


Thoughts on Segu’los

Recently I was in the Living Torah Museum in Boro Park, New York. As the fascinating tour was going on the guide mentioned three different segu’los. While thinking about the subject of segu’los in general it occurred to me that there may be a great downside to this practice. In a way this idea takes our focus away from the One who provides the bracha, Hashem, and refocuses us on what an object can do for us. (more…)