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Is Trump the LAST Republican President?

Analyzing the results of the 2020 election is frightening – it might just be so. The first thing that stands out is the huge INCREASE of votes that each nominee received. Biden brags of the highest numbers of votes in American history, and Trump pats his chest with the highest votes any republican (even Reagan’s second term) ever received.

Looking closer reveals something different than the fraud claim. To put it very simply – in this election, the “voting machine” was brought into the homes of the people, and that made all the difference.

First, let us look at some FACTS (taken from the Pew Research Center- as they examined the 2020 election):

  • From 1800 to 1900, America had an approximately f 80% of the eligible voters turn out to vote. From the 1900s onward, it was hovering around 60%. For example – in the two previous elections, in 2012, it was 58%, and in 2016 it was 61%. Now in this latest 2020 election, the result was almost 67%.
  • In 2016 Americans cast 138 million votes, and in this 2020 election cast almost 161 million votes (out of 239 million eligible voters), an astonishing INCREASE OF 23 MILLION VOTES!
  • In this election, 59 million people voted by mail-in ballots (from 96 million early votes). As opposed to 2016, when only 33 million voted by mail-in ballots, a good part of it the military.
  • Young people 18 -29 yrs. Traditionally ranked as having the lowest turnout continuously hovering at 40 – 45%; as we saw in 2016, only 44% voted – now in 2020, they voted at a 55% rate.

Attorney General William Barr was one of President Trump’s most loyalist cabinet members (he was almost his lapdog doing his bidding). When he announced he is allowing his agent to get involved in checking for fraud, it should have been obvious to everyone that a real examination of the facts would take place. Among his investigators, there must have been many who had the same desire to get Donald Trump re-elected as we have. After two weeks, they returned to Mr. Barr – sadly telling him we found nothing, no WIDE voter fraud – except some procedures not followed, or some dead people voting, missing ballots, etc., basically nothing that would anywhere near change the election results. Now what is Barr to do – he desperately wants Trump to be president; however, he has to be true to the oath he took. It should have been clear to all of us – it is over. No matter how much we longed for President Trump to win, how great he was for Israel, we still have to face reality, and with a sad heart, must accept his defeat. (not expecting this from our Charedi community prone to every conspiracy theory, Covid hoax, Metitzah b’peh anti-Semites, Measles theories, etc.).

All those that swore to an oath to be fair (including the US Supreme Court) realized – was not fraud, but a shift in voting patterns was the answer to these spikes in votes. They observed that – as we allowed people to vote from their kitchen tables, the two main groups that traditionally had the lowest voting turnout now voted in this election. What pushed the election results for Biden was the inner-city non-white voter and the restless young. Should you examine only the in-person voting, Trump wins by a landslide.

Both of these groups far outnumber their preference for Democrats over Republicans. The Young who are wide-eyed sporting wild minds think they can solve all the world’s problems until they reach their 30’s and 40’s when reality sets in. The good part about them – they are too lazy or have “prior commitments” to show up to vote. The inner-city non-white have a vested interest since they are on the receiving end of social welfare programs. However, they also can’t be bothered or can’t get the voting day straight and are traditionally no-shows at the voting booths.

What is wrong with this kitchen table election setup? Everyone has the right to vote. If you are an American citizen, never worked a day in your life, fathered many children all on the government’s dime, took every program on the books, have no vested interest in anything financial, never paid a cent in taxes – you get to voteand it is counted! This is the cornerstone of our union, signed and sealed in Philadelphia in the 1700s.

We conservatives have to face the fact and realize that America has changed, and there are now many more Democrats than Republicans. We may notice this in the last five elections; Democrats handily won the popular vote. How Bush and Trump got elected was the electoral college, where the two biggest groups that decisively prefer Democrats do not show up to vote. However, once we bring the voting booth to their living room couches, the Republicans stand no-chance. Even as Trump very successfully motivate the Republican base, look at the results!

The Democrats planned for this as they now boast of their success. They will be pushing and trying to widen mail-in ballots in the subsequent elections, cutting off any Republican hopes in the future. Nearly every independent election expert claim mail-in voting can be made lawfully by following the rules exactly:

The voter can request absentee ballots either through an online portal or by applying for a mail-in ballot. They provide their driver’s license number and date of birth to verify their identity for online requests. If they use an application, they must sign it for verification. When an application is received, county election workers compare the signature on the application to the voter’s signature on file. If it is consistent, a ballot is mailed to them. Before submitting an absentee ballot, a voter must sign an oath on the outer envelope. County election officials receiving the absentee ballot must compare the signature to the signature on file. The signatures must be consistent. If the signature does not match, the voter is notified and can take other steps to verify identity. If the signature does match, the ballot is separated from the envelope to protect the right to “ballot secrecy” guaranteed by federal law, and the vote is counted.

What is interesting, the Republicans on election committees, for many years, have always voted for mail-in ballots. They were hoodwinked by the Democrats and were taken – hook, line, and sinker in this election. There is one problem with the above; you can easily trace someone’s signature with a lightbox, where the untrained eye cannot notice it.

Every place where mail-in ballots will benefit one group, they will now look to push this agenda. I am sure in Israel this is being noticed, where on average, only 65% vote. The Charedi community’s votes are almost 90%, as the Gedolim go “publicly” to vote before shacharis and the Rebbes even before the mikvah. In the west bank, they also have a similar voting record, as they desire to expand the settlements. Who does not vote – the Tel-Aviv yuppies with no great vested interest; they go to the Army, they work for a living, as long as the restaurants, bars, movie theaters remain open, why bother? However, bring the voting booth to them and see what happens to the others’ outsized influence.

There is one setback, which might be why our American forefather chose to establish a day of voting in person. Keep in mind the mail service was already established. Why not use the mail to vote? They might have been worried about fraud or coercion by others. That is why a curtain is closed around you as you go into the voting booth, and even your spouse cannot go in with you. This problem would be highly prevalent in our Charedi community. In the 2016 election, the Satmar Rebbe stated publicly – all must vote for Hillary Clinton. They announced in all the shuls by the heads of the community and in the name of the heilige Rebbe – everyone without exception must vote for Clinton. Huge billboards plastered Williamsburg. Imagine their shock when their district’s results came in; over 85% voted for Trump. (wish we here in Monsey we would take a notion out of the Satmar Chassidim’s playbook). Now imagine if the Satmar Rebbe declares everyone must sign and give their ballot to some Moshe Shmiel Gabbai who will deposit it into the ballot boxes for you. Also, what stops a household head from forcing everyone to vote a certain way or what stops someone from offering $10 to a drug addict or to a poor woman to give him their signed ballot to drop in the box. All these things open up a can of worms. It just might be the forefathers realized “election in person” will keep voting fair. Early “in-person” voting does make some sense, but keep mail-in ballots for the elderly, infirm, and the military.

There is an advantage to mail-in ballots. How often do we not go vote, thinking it is not important and cannot be bothered to drag out? An example of this is the Monsey Library. We pay over 3 million for a library that has been shut down for the last ten months, On an average year, the library’s vote total is meager, and a good percentage are their employees – Now, imagine we can vote from our kitchen tables, how nice we would have a much greater say in how the community spends our hard-earned money. Maybe we also can save our precious community from becoming Brooklyn.

The fight over mail-in ballots starts now! The Republicans realize their fatal mistake, and the Democrats see a great opportunity to bury any Republican presidential hopeful. As Barr said, there might have been some fraud, but not where it can turn over the election. Trump is claiming it was not fair to allow mail-in ballots or extend the time frame. However, the Republicans voted for it and now realize their blunder. Should Trump still fight this out?? Many Republicans feel – we made a mistake, and let’s move on. However, if Trump keeps fighting, even as he will eventually not win, but might stop mail-in ballots in their tracks, giving Republicans hope in the subsequent presidential election.

However, if mail-in ballots are expanded, put up a picture of President Trump and have some old fond memories.

Author: 003



Mary Ellen Elia is the New York STATE Commissioner of Education and President of the University of the State of New York and the one proposing to implement the public school curriculum for Yeshivas. She is well respected and is responsible for the education for all New Yorkers. She has a strong background in education.

Richard Carranza is the New York City commissioner of education and a leftist radical in the mayor’s pocket. He can do what he wants to with the NY public schools, as that is the mayor’s territory. He has absolutely no say in private schools. Sure, he can try to push his agenda on private schools, but it will be shot down by the courts as we see time and time again. The courts agree, you cannot force someone in the private sector to do something that goes against their beliefs and religion. As we have seen when trying to force the Catholic Churches to offer abortions in their health plans. This is true on the federal, state and local level.


The Skulener Rebbe Z”TL


The huge turnout for the funeral exceeded almost everyone’s expectations. It was indeed larger than other great Rebbes’ funerals from the past generation. The question begs – Why? What did people see or feel, that brought forth this outpouring of grief, taking from their time to come to pay their last respects? To be honest, in his lifetime, The Skulener Rebbe did not have this level of commitment from Chassidim, nor did he have people flocking to his Tish or his Simchas. (more…)

Of Rebbes and Lotteries



Reb Fishele Strykover, Reb Bunim of Pshyskhe, and The Lottery

Reb Fishele learned under the Maggid Reb Ber (Mezritch) and then with Reb Meilich of Lizensk. Later, he went to the Chozeh (seer) of Lublin, where he met the Yid Ha’kodesh and the Kotzker.

One day, sometime in the first quarter of the 19th century in the town of Strykov in central Poland, the Chasidisha court of the revered Rabbi Ephraim Fishele Shapiro, known as Reb Fishele Strykover, was thrown into turmoil. Without warning, Reb Fishele had withdrawn into his room and would not see or receive anyone (similar to what the Kotzker did for the last 20 years of his life). His Chasidim were dismayed. No longer could they go to their Rebbe the righteous one, for guidance or consolation. After much pleading and begging, still the Rebbe Reb Fishele did not want to leave his room nor speak to any of his Chasidim. For him it was over and done with, he is no longer a Rebbe!


Dressing Up On Purim


To dress up, or not to dress up? That is the question.

While studying the source of “dressing up on Purim” and along with some reasoning and deduction, I came to a conclusion as to how the custom came about. To begin, I will make this disclaimer: I do not want anyone to think I am 100% positive as to the accuracy of this theory, because no one can be completely sure how it started, since there aren’t any reliable sources focusing on this question. Please keep in mind, should one show where I have gone wrong, I am always ready and open to reasoning.


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This new idea just presented to our community, while understanding the meaningfulness of trying a new system, in reality will do more harm than good. No one can deny there is a huge problem with singles, especially the older girls. Whose heart does not bleed for the parents of an older girl or boy doing everything and anything, going through embarrassments, agreeing to fork out their life saving, and not have to quietly watch their child keep suffering trying to find their shiddach. (more…)

The Skver Vote


The following is not a joke, it actually was recorded on their hotline

On Friday night in the big Shul in Square Town, the gabbai (sexton) called out “everyone must go out and vote for Hillary Clinton”. Since it was announced in Shul it was with the Rebbe’s guidance. When Trump was the winner, a rumor started that the Rebbe really knew (a Rebbe knows everything) Trump was going to win (more…)

The Berland Scandal


With this latest conviction of Rabbi Berland, where he admitted to several counts of groping woman and kissing them. Let us not kid ourselves, this was a plea bargain where at these things, the perpetrator admits to lesser charges as to avoid more jail time. It is now clear to us, that with his admission of “just” fondling and kissing, we see that these claims by all the other women of what he did to them are completely true. (more…)

Pray For Israel, And The Donald


Now that the bitter and nasty fought election are over and there is a new President, we should all pray for his success. Still many are frightened, concerned, and some angry enough to take to the streets. This fear by so many is not that the “Right wing” won and there will be more conservative policies over next few years here, the fear is a totally different fear. The Republican agenda is much closer to my thinking then the Democrats, but I stayed home and did not vote this year, as I felt we were left with choice of either a macshefa (nasty person) or a mishugana (a nut job). (more…)

Kol Nidrei: Redux


I must admit, that as each year passes, on Yom Kippur at the Chassidsha Shul where I regularly daven (pray), it got more and more “less enthusiastic”. As I get older, it seems the schlepping (drawn out), screaming of the chazzan, hitting the bimah (lectern) got the better of me. I know Yom Kippur is a time for intense praying, and many people are indeed inspired by this way of praying. However, people are not the same (more…)

The Tetragrammaton

Note: This article is missing Hebrew lettering that has been replaced with English lettering, we will fix A.S.A.P.shema

Each year Yom Kipper night before Kol Nidrei in many shuls, including ours, we ask forgiveness from each letter of Hashem’s name. Many people don’t understand the significance of each letter and think it is some secret prayer for forgiveness. The following is a little better understanding of what we are saying.


Bein Hazmanim, Do It Right!


Bein Hazmanim, Do It Right!

The torah tells in Bereshis 49:14 Yissachar Chamor GorimYissachar is a strong-boned Donkey. Rashi explains this is referring to a Torah Scholar, as bearer of the yoke of the torah. Rovetz Bein Ha’misfasayimCrouching down between the Boundaries.  Rashi further explains; just as a donkey broods along day and night merely crouching down to get a brief rest between the city limits, so is the way of the Torah Scholar.

The Chofetz Chaim, based on this verse write – The way of a True Torah Scholar is, he wearies day and night in studying Torah, (more…)

Rebishe Perks


Published February 2016.

Shabbos Drasha, Parshas Tetzaveh

Rebishe Perks

This week’s Parsha starts off by telling us “V’yikche aylechu shemen zeis zoch” to take pure olive to burn in the lamp continuously. We see the Torah instructing us in a chronological order. In last week’s parsha it gives the exact details and the intricate measurements on how to build the Mishkan – the Tabernacle. Now that we have the Mishkan up and standing, we are told on who should be the ones to Minister in it, to do the Avodah. In the first part of this week’s Parsha we go through the details on how to make the vestments for the children of Ahron, the Kohanim, on how they should dress while doing the services. (more…)

Haters of the Draft


This article was written a few months back.

Haters of the Draft

With the day of “demonstration and prayer” in Israel and the one in New York over, the Israeli cabinet is set next week to take up the Shaked commission’s resolution to have a universal draft for all. This will require a good part of the Charedi community to join the army. Speaker after speaker, article after article in the Charedi newspapers condemned this as an “attack on Torah”, saying there is no other reason for this, other than to destroy torah learning. (more…)