Pray For Israel, And The Donald


Now that the bitter and nasty fought election are over and there is a new President, we should all pray for his success. Still many are frightened, concerned, and some angry enough to take to the streets. This fear by so many is not that the “Right wing” won and there will be more conservative policies over next few years here, the fear is a totally different fear. The Republican agenda is much closer to my thinking then the Democrats, but I stayed home and did not vote this year, as I felt we were left with choice of either a macshefa (nasty person) or a mishugana (a nut job).

What is so terrifying to many is that Donald Trump will lead the country for the next few years. When Reagan won or more recently as Bush won, no one hit the streets as they did now. Yes, people are always upset their party lost, and don’t we also remember when Obama won the presidency and Nancy Pelosi was in control of congress. We were not upset because of the people involved, but of their liberal policies which they vehemently promised to follow. To prove my point, had Obama been a republican would we of been fearful of him? Here, people are frightened of the “PERSON” who won, not his agenda, and with good cause.  How fast do we forget…. little Marco,  low energy Jeb, crooked, Lyin’ Ted and the worst is when he said publicly,  Ariana Huffington is unattractive, both inside and out, I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man – he made a good decision. I challenge anyone to show me where any other President had ever spoke like this. Yes you can say, your opponent is unfit for the presidency, is not honest, is dangerous to run our country etc. but personal name calling, when did we as Americans sink so low?

I ask… Do we really want a guy like him, a foul mouthed, egotist demagogue, being in the most powerful position in the world? Can we blame half the country for being frightened, giving a wild man like him so much power over our lives? It is indeed terrifying. If Al Sharpton would somehow get elected President, how terrified would we as Jews be? For liberals, it is not the party of the left or right that won, to them it is as what Al Sharpton would have been to us.

As much as we will be ashamed at this name calling, classless loud mouth, representing the United States on the world arena, it will be interesting to see how he deals with foreign leaders. A few might get the “boot in the back” kicked out of the White House, others might be the beneficiary of some foul name calling, however all this will make for 4 years of amusing times. What my concern is – when will his EGO GET THE BETTER OF HIM. There is no question Donald Trump has a huge EGO and is rightfully described as an “egotistic maniac”. All throughout his life everything had to be grand with him, his name TRUMP had to be the biggest and brightest, and so with everything he did or got involved with

Here is the problem, Donald Trump being a hugely successful businessman, all his life has everyone suck up to him. He was always praised at work, told how smart he is etc. Many people that have dealt with him speak of how nice he was to them, sure….they did his bidding. YES Donald…YES Donald. Anyone that had ever said NO Donald, the full force of his ego would come crashing down on them. Trump never had to deal with adversary, yes some deals went sour, but rarely had to endure public ridicule. A few unflattering articles were written, which he attacked, but nothing to his face. All his life he got what he wanted and never had to put his pride and ego in check. Had he lost the election, he never would have been able to check his bruised ego. He would go down swinging, foul name calling and blaming everyone else. Contrast that with other losing politicians, who also have strong egos. In politics you have to be gracious in defeat as in victory. Trump could have never done that, he would have just continued fighting just for the sake of hurting the winner, all the while creating much disunity.

Presidents have to know how to put their egos aside and work for the better of the country. If another leader did not respect or said something negative about you, but you see a benefit to our country, you must put your feelings aside and do the right thing for the country or for the world. If you cannot do that and start doing things just “to get” the other guy, we are all in trouble. History shows many wars fought just because of bruised egos.  You can’t blame half the country scared stiff that an ego maniac has the power of war and peace, while domestically effecting our lives if he can control his ego and think rational we will be okay, but if his ego gets the better of him, so help us G-d.

As Jews we must all pray that nothing comes between the Donald and Israel. If he wakes up one day and  decides HE is the one who can finally make peace in the middle east, and as it does not came to fruition,  who says that his bruised ego will not blame and punish Israel by blocking aid? Don’t think that Jared and Ivanka can stand between them, egos are much stronger than that. Egos broke up thousands of families. Take the Netanyahu episode, when he went direct to congress bypassing the president, how would that play out with the Donald?? Would he be able to put his feeling aside as Obama did, and still ratify the 40 billion ten year aid package to Israel? I pray and hope these fears will not come to pass.

Many people argue that once he is president he will surround himself with good people, and they will check his ego. The truth is that ego maniacs surround themselves with YES people. As long as these good people say yes, they stay – if not, he gets himself others. Many good people will not want to lose their power and will just go along with all his shenanigans. What scares me most, as it happened already while running for office and going against the advice of ALL his advisers. He still attacked this Muslim Kahn guy, attacked reporters he didn’t like, attacking the woman who accused him, all because he could not control his ego. In politics you have to know when you are beat, move forward and not keep up the fight, where it will not benefit you.  It is obvious he could not control himself and listen to reason. We see all this while he was trying to get the biggest prize in the country. Now that he is President, who says he will he be able to keep his ego in check?  Should he not be able to do so, and everything becomes personal, we indeed have a lot to FEAR.

What is even more troubling is, the first year or so he will be able to get things done, as he has the luxury of the Senate and Congress in his corner. These houses do not match up with his policy, but they are anxious (and in my eyes a bit scared of him) and will work with him on his policies. Things will get done and that will make the Donald’s EGO even more entrenched. He will start thinking himself as KING and will forget that the founding fathers had put in checks and balances. It is after this initial productive period, where the Tea Party and other liberal interest will start pushing their agendas and willing to take on the president directly.  At that time, is there a chance Trump will be able to check his bruised ego when things do not go his way? I truly hope so – for the good of the country and the world!

Am I happy the Republican won all 3 branches of Government?    I am elated,

Am I concerned and scared of  Donald Trump?   You bet I am.

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    1. The people in America are angry. No telling what we would have gotten in four years if Hillary got elected. Perhaps we would have gotten a younger version of Pat Buchanan or a David Duke. Regarding Trump, I would discard all of his election nonsense. I have no doubt that he will pivot presidential. When he must, he will speak over the media and directly to the American people via twitter, Breitbart and Foxnews.
      What he has done already, convinced Ford not to move jobs from Kentucky to Mexico, got Apple thinking into bringing IPHONE manufacturing back from China to US, and most importantly make shoolem between the Satmar warrior brothers Zalmom Leib and Ahrin. Both united in calling for their chasidim to vote Hillary and both of their Chasidim chose to ignore their rebbes and vote for Trump.


      1. Yes,both factions of the Satmar criminally insane Israel hating gangsters were united in their pathological hatred of our God given Eretz Yisroel,that is the only issue that they have in common,as a matter of fact, these two KAPO jew hating bastards “Aron and Zalman are busy all day in trying to outdo each other in their hatred to MEDINAS YISROEL


  1. “….I challenge anyone to show me where any other President had ever spoke like this.” How about Andrew Jackson, who, when asked if he had any regrets said that he regretted that “I didn’t shoot Henry Clay and I didn’t hang John C. Calhoun”. One example of many.


  2. It’s hard to find well-informed people in this particular subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!


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