The Skver Vote


The following is not a joke, it actually was recorded on their hotline

On Friday night in the big Shul in Square Town, the gabbai (sexton) called out “everyone must go out and vote for Hillary Clinton”. Since it was announced in Shul it was with the Rebbe’s guidance. When Trump was the winner, a rumor started that the Rebbe really knew (a Rebbe knows everything) Trump was going to win, but there is a reason they were told to vote Clinton. The next day, a robo call to all the Skver’s households was given by the esteemed Reb Sholom Moshe Spitzer.

Here is a free translation from Yiddish to English

To all our dear brothers, to all chassidim of Skver, and to all our congregation whichever place they may be. As we see in the Bais Hamedresh (Shul) this morning, everyone is all mixed up and many are looking down and depressed C’V. We feel it is a Chov kodosh (holy obligation) to set this straight with the people as to what went on with the elections, as now  everyone knows that Trump won.

I want to tell over to our brothers in Skver and to everyone of our good friends. This, that we resolved that we have to go and do the “middah of hakoros hatov” (attribute of acknowledging goodness) in the strongest way. ( Editors note; the Clintons pardoned a few Skver residents and shortened their prison sentences).You should all know, what we did, was accepted very, very, well throughout the entire world. The whole world is looking at us with so much respect and such honor, this, that Skver Chassidim showed so much “acknowledgment of goodness” that you cannot even imagine.

I would like give some points as to what happened. Everyone knows that Skver is a hotz’ne haleches (goes in hidden ways) and we have a policy of “acquiring intelligence is to go quiet”.  We talk less and that is why we are so successful. This, that we gave our endorsement to Clinton was only after we spoke it over with the Trump campaign. We spoke to one of the closest people to Trump, someone who is in his inner chambers, actually “one of the 3” in the Trump circle – this person, Trump, and there is another guy. This person is a very good friend of mine for many years. This person was not seen in the campaign and is not known at all to the public. We discussed with him the whole situation and told him what we are planning to do. He responded in the “strongest way possible”, that it is a Chov Kodosh (Holy Obligation) that we vote for Clinton. Last night, late during the night we spoke to him again several times. He told us, you should know how much  the campaign respects Skver and honors them for what they did. For this reason Skver, will from now on always have an “open door” with us. This shows that if you do the right thing you don’t lose! He then goes on to say, in the local elections 4 out of 5 who they endorsed were winners. (Editor note, here they did picked the right horses) He praises all Skver’s for going to vote holding so much power. How sweet it is we are Skver Chassidim and have the privilege to follow after our Rebbe. We should soon all go out of this gollis (exile) with the King, the Rebbe, leading us at the head.

There is NO reason to comment on this – it is amusing just by itself.

However, what I can’t understand is this – after speaking with a fellow from Skver, he told me this is exactly what everyone in Square Town believes transpired.  I ask…. how is it that decent and intelligent people (at least some are) can believe this silly BS nonsense.  I understand to them the Rebbe is a holy man, a man of G-d….but is there no limit to their blindness and madness?

At least with the Satmers (both brother) who supported Clinton, they thought it would be the end of Israel. They believed Clinton would cut the ties and Israel would collapse. I indeed feel bad for them, every time Israel discovers something new and builds itself up more and more, they have heartache and depression.  Their reasoning was this, we know that in the 1930’s the famous great leader in Europe said that all the “ism’s” (Communism, Socialism, Zionism, etc) can only last maximum 70 years, and gave a long reason why. Now that Israel is coming up on 70 years, they indeed believed this was finally their chance –

Israel will be kaput C’V and their problem solved. At least they had a good reason to vote for Clinton,

The Skver’s believing  this nonsense and fantasy — they made a deal with Trump!

The Skver Vote (PDF)

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  1. This is actually a beautiful tribute to skver. I guess you dont understand the meaning and importance of being makir tov. By the way, the 70 year period was said by the chazon ish, not the satmar rav.


    1. TO BELIEVE THIS SHEKER IS PROOF THAT U CANT THINK , MRS CLINTON LOST IN 2016 BC H WAnted the better person win . bh DT is our president . I have nothing against the chasidim bc they follow their leaders, but the rebbis kehillah which gets big bucks from them what a chillul hashem, to call yourself a rebbi instead of a chonef show re felt sechel hoanushi. zeit gezunt elezer dovid meir zushe weber


  2. And none of these predictions by , whether the chazon ish, the chofetz chaim or the satmarer Rov will come to fruition, which tells us not to rely too much on predictions by anyone.


  3. Neither Satmar officially supported a Presidential candidate, and Trump got the majority in Williamsburg, Kiryas Joel, and Bloomingburg. A few political lay big shots in Satmar supported Hillary, but the hamon am went for Trump.


  4. Can you please give more Information on the “Robo Call”? Is this a hotline endorsed by the New Square Rabbi? Is Reb Sholom Moshe Spitzer an official spokesperson for the village?


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