Obama Sabotages Israel


The UN Votes to Condemn Israel

Just in time for Chanukah, the holiday of Jews fighting off oppressive regimes, Obama just abandoned Israel in the UN. Traditionally, the UN Security Council– which is the small group of countries that have whatever real “teeth” the impotent UN possesses, is not as effectively anti-Israel as the larger, amorphous UN General Assembly.

The General Assembly is comprised of virtually all the nations of the world (193 member states), which since the early days of the Cold War (in other words since its inception) has been either split between the free world and unfree world, or dominated by the unfree world. They routinely pass measures against Israel, and to a lesser extent the US. A way to surmise to efficacy of the UN General Assembly is to look at the UN resolution against the US in reference to Cuba. The US has had a trade embargo against Communist Cuba for half a century. In 1992, and every year thereafter, the UN General Assembly has voted to condemn the US embargo. The US ignores it. Some leftists in the US are chafed by what they perceive as US aggression towards Cuba and some rightists in the US chortle at the UN’s impotence, but nothing gets done. (Until, of course, one of the aforementioned leftists, namely Obama, becomes president and decides that the US is in the wrong on the matter.)

Indeed the UN has passed (at my count) 27 resolutions ordering the Middle East to remain nuclear free, or specifically instructing Israel to renounce its nuclear weapons or, specifically instructing Israel to allow UN nuclear inspectors on site. Israel has ignored all 27, and, in actual fact, has many, many nukes.

The UN Security Council is a whole nother animal. At its core, it’s comprised of five permanent members that are the “great powers”: the US, Russia, China, Britain and France. In addition, there are currently ten more temporary members in the council who get to vote. They are (currently) Angola, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal, Spain, Ukraine, Uruguay, and Venezuela. These temporary members come and go (they only have a two year stint) and are dwarfed by the five great powers. Each of the five powers has a veto power. Relative to the clown-show that is the General Assembly, the Security Council is very powerful: it can establish sanctions and authorize military action.

Traditionally, the US runs interference for Israel at the Security Council, vetoing flagrantly anti-Israel resolutions. For some time now, there has been a growing fear that the US, under philo-Muslim Obama, would not veto a Security Council resolution that was against Israel. This fear became a panic, and then, this friday it became a reality. Forteen countries in the council voted against Israel. The US abstained, which was in effect, a vote against Israel.

It has been long been documented that the UN is a corrupt anti-American failure. But what is even more glaringly obvious is the UN’s dangerous fascination with Israel. There are dozens of territorial disputes and wars in the world, but the UN consistently focuses on Israel. The UN has no moral authority. But then again, it never was otherwise. But the US has been Israel’s friend for a long time, and this breach of faith is shocking as it nasty. The next administration must reverse Obama’s betrayal by undermining the UN and promoting Israel.

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