Muslim Ban: A Jewish Outlook


Imagine a peasant who was brought up in some far-out rural village in ancient Egypt, disconnected physically and mentally from the unrivaled grandeur of Egyptian civilization with its impressive edifices and royal splendor. If he were to be blindfolded and transported to the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza, would he have any inkling of what stood before him? Would he have any notion that towering above him was 481 feet of the tallest man-made structure in the world (a title it would keep for some four millennia), an incredible testament to human genius and labor–and imagination and willpower? Would the blindfolded man be able to believe that before him stood a remarkable structure comprised of some 2.3 million blocks of stone, for a total estimated mass of 5.9 million tonnes? No.

I write all this only to hopefully convey how I view the current crisis besetting us. I consider the people that don’t see the crisis to be blindfold, totally unaware of what is looming over us all.

There is a civilizational war afoot, specifically between the East and West, between Orient and Occident, between the House of Islam and Christendom. Just in the past weeks, this war has reached a crescendo; we are way past the stage of no return.

On Jan 28, 2017 President Trump ordered a temporary ban on certain refugees and aliens. The travel ban bars refugees for 120 days; Syrian refugees are banned indefinitely. A 90 day ban has been imposed on travel to the US from from the Muslim countries of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya.

Some markers I thought to be of interest include, for example, the news coming from the UK that the weekend Changing the Guard ceremony at Windsor Castle was being cancelled due to fear of terror attack. There are some 3,000,000 Muslims in Britain (all numbers are approximations). News also comes from Austria, where it has been announced that migrants will be signing an “integration contract” and a “statement of values” in an effort to make them conform to “enlightenment values”. There are some 600,000 Muslims in Austria. In Germany, in December, a terrorist drove a truck into a crowd of people at a Christmas Market. There were also several other planned terror attacks against Germany in that period. The unrivaled Mark Steyn, who has been prophesying and chronicling all this, writes: “The Christkindlmarkt is a German tradition dating back to the Middle Ages: Munich’s is over 700 years old. A society that can only hold three-quarters-of-a-millennium-old traditions behind an impenetrable security perimeter is a society that will soon lose those traditions.” There are some 5,000,000 Muslims in Germany. Thanks to Muslim migrants the country of Sweden has become a dangerous place for women, a fact highlighted recently when several Muslim youths violated a female all the while streaming it on the internet. There are 500,000 Muslims in Sweden. France (Muslim population 8,000,000), the Netherlands (900,000 Muslims), Belgium (700,000 Muslims) and so on and so forth, are no different. No one knows how many Muslims there are Europe, what with the weak borders, untrustworthy bureaucrats, and Muslim affinity towards polygamy, but somewhere in the range of 50,000,000 does not seem far off.  

Europe is not falling apart before our eyes, even if it appears so. For if the damage was limited to the admittedly grievous internal European weaknesses and societal defects that are in evidence– which include but are not limited to: out of control “feminism”, cultural Marxism, a deadening of the patriotic spirit, the erosion and destruction of the family and community, an abandonment of tradition in so many manifestations, an unjustified fealty to wrong-headed international bodies such as the UN and EU, an economically suicidal belief in the dangers of Global Warming, a ridiculously misguided leftist Church with its ethno-masochistic pope, and, perhaps more important than anything, a wholesale abandonment of Christianity–Europe would still be in trouble, perhaps fatally so. But it is more than that.

Europe is being conquered. The current conquerors are no less real conquerors than the Moslims charging their horses at Charles Martel’s forces at the Battle of Tours in 732, or the Ottomans who fired their giant cannon at the enormous walls of Constantinople in 1453, or indeed, the Persians who massacred the Spartans at Thermopylae in 480 BC. The fact that these modern-day conquerors are not assembled in armies in the traditional style makes them no less conquerors, and the danger no less grave. The fact that there are traitors in the West who are in cahoots with the conquerors and that the conquerors have cleverly been able to utilize Western law and and standards so as to advance their interests should be a cause of great alarm. Surely there have been traitors aplenty in the past (going all the way back to the aforementioned Thermopylae), but it is quite unprecedented to have majorities or pluralities within many Western nations actively aiding and abetting the people who will ultimately slit their throats.

There have been, recently, some volleys fired by Jews. Unfortunately, the volleys are being aimed at the wrong army. Some 1,500 rabbis sent a letter to Trump begging him to keep the refugee program in place. Here is a quote from the letter:

“Jewish history bears witness to the critical choice facing our country: whether to rescue those in need or to construct barriers to keep them out, Jews have seen America at its best, and we know what it looks like for our country to provide the chance at a new beginning. We have seen xenophobia overwhelm our nation’s capacity for compassion, and we have seen the doors slam shut in our greatest hours of need. Severe restrictions kept countless Jewish immigrants in danger, and too many people faced death in Europe after being turned away from these shores.”

That’s teeth-gnashing level of nonsense. But ultimately the response to that is the poem that Trump frequently read on the campaign trail (link to Trump reading the poem) which I have brought here in full:

On her way to work one morning
Down the path along side the lake
A tender hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake
His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew
“Oh well,” she cried, “I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you”
“Take me in oh tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake
Take me in oh tender woman,” sighed the snake

She wrapped him up all cozy in a curvature of silk
And then laid him by the fireside with some honey and some milk
Now she hurried home from work that night as soon as she arrived
She found that pretty snake she’d taking in had been revived
“Take me in, oh tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake
Take me in oh tender woman, ” sighed the snake

Now she clutched him to her bosom, “You’re so beautiful,” she cried
“But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you might have died”
Now she stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed and held him tight
But instead of saying thanks, that snake gave her a vicious bite
“Take me in, oh tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake
Take me in oh tender woman, ” sighed the snake

“I saved you,” cried that woman
“And you’ve bit me even, why?
You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”
“Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin
“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in
“Take me in, oh tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake
Take me in oh tender woman, ” sighed the snake

End quote. The Orthodox Union has also fired a volley, again in the wrong direction, condemning the ban. Needless to say the organizations to the political left of the OU have vociferously come out against Trump’s ban. Of the major Jewish organizations, The Zionist Organization of America stands pretty much alone in supporting Trump.

We must not be let compassion be our undoing. We must not be generous to our enemies. We must not continue to invite in those that will end giving us a vicious bite. Jews must remember the perennially true words of the Talmud (Qohelet Raba, 7:16): “Those Who Are Kind To The Cruel, In The End Will Be Cruel To The Kind”.

We as Jews must throw our full support behind what remains of the West and Christendom. Not simply because the Arab Muslim world vowed to annihilate Israel in 1948, and have since changed little, fundamentally. Not even because the US has Israel’s back, especially now that the weasel Obama has left office.

Because Islam, fundamentally, is totalitarian and anti-Jewish in a way Christianity is not. Islam oversees every aspect of life, and wishes to cover the globe. Not so Christianity. Islam is textually anti-Jewish, what with its role-model Mohamoud personally slaughtering Jews and its book, the Koran, issuing calls to kill the infidel.

No one should attempt to obscure the history of Christian anti-Jewish persecution since Roman Times. Nor is it wise to attempt hide the fact that overall Christians killed and persecuted more Jews than did the Muslims going back to the early days of the Catholic Church. But it was Christians, not Christian law based on Christian Holy Books, that oppressed the Jews. It was and still is Muslim law grounded in Muslim Holy Books, and not just Muslim individuals, that oppress the Jews. People change, which means that Christians could be better or worse towards the Jews. The Koran is never going to get favorably disposed towards Jews.  

Few Jews today live in Muslim countries in Middle East. In light of how dangerous it is for Jews in the Muslim Middle East, this is perfectly understandable. In all likelihood, there is no turning back the clock on that. Let us then endeavor to prevent Europe and the US from into turning into the Middle East.

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  1. Sorry, Yossi, but not only are you factually wrong but your intolerant, xenophobic screed is an affront to our parents and ancestors who were gassed ,burned and killed over many centuries because no one would give them shelter. Your defense of the “x-ian” world is an insult to all the Jewish martyrs who died a thousand deaths at the hand of those “same X-ians’ . Yes, we have many Moslem enemies-and most crucially in Israel- but this does not mean that we have to espouse xenophobic, intolerant views that, sooner rather later, will envelop us Jews too. Or have you not noticed the increase of anti-Semitism and swastikas on our walls that parrot the xenophobia that you peddle?


    1. It must be blissful being you, not realizing what is looming over our collective heads. Your insults directed at me, that I dishonor the Jewish victims of the past, is beneath you, and I beg you to recant. As far “xenophobic, intolerant” I suppose Churchill must have gotten first prize on that score.
      Thankfully I have not been brunt of any of the anti-Semitism of which you speak, but thanks for your concern.


  2. Europe is sleep walking to disaster. My oldest child has already decided that there is no future for Jews in Europe. Anti Semitic incidents at an all time high in the UK last year. What is never published is what percentage is as a result of Muslim attacks. The Muslim perpetrators of an attack on a synagogue in Germany were believed when they said they were anti-Zionist and not anti-Semitic! They got a lesser sentence.


  3. Yossi-thanks for the rebuttal. BTW-I did not insult you personally but I did take strong issue with your views, so , relax.
    I looked up the link to what you wrote and I have difficulty understanding the parallel to the early thirties. Nazi Germany was a country- a nation that had just lost a world war and was bent on revenge with all the panoply of a developed nation. What we are talking about is giving shelter to refugees, not ISIS and its criminals, not Assad and his murderous henchmen. Those refugees have not perpetrated one act of terrorism in the US and not even in Europe. Virtually all the terrorist attacks were made by home grown and mostly home born terrorists. That was my parallel to the late thirties, when our bothers and sisters were refused shelter only because of their ethnicity and nothing more. The vast majority of refugees are in the same position-being refused entry because of their ethnicity. I think it is an affront to human dignity and the American heritage to refuse entry to a few thousand refugees, in a nation of 320 million people.
    All the claptrap of a war against islam is a cover for xenophobia. Of course, where Moslems-anyone actually- are dangerous, one fights them with all our might-as in Israel and certainly, in every country in Europe if they pose a danger. But Europe is a continent with 500 million people-you are telling me that a few thousand refugees are a mortal danger?


    1. You wrote. “Those refugees have not perpetrated one act of terrorism in the US and not even in Europe.” What? Refugees in the US (and Europe) have perpetrated terror attacks. Abdul Razak Ali Artan and Dahir Adan were both Somali refugees that perpetrated terror attacks on US soil. ISIS called them “soldiers” of theirs.
      Obviously, as you correctly point out (by implication), the problem is not just refugees, but all immigrants of this category.
      The point of my article was to convince you that Europe is in “mortal danger”, but I see that you won’t to come around to that way of thinking. At least I tried.


  4. Dahir Adan had lived in the US for fifteen years and was -to all people- totally assimilated here.. BTW-no one died in that attack. If this is an indication of refugees being terrorists, you have a better example in the Tsarnaev brothers. Abdul Razak did indeed arrive here as a refugee two years ago. Again , no one died in his attack and he was killed by security officers.
    If these were the only two examples you have of “widespread terrorist attacks”, I’ll take my chances with the tens of thousands who flee civil war being allowed in for the sake of humanity.


    1. Just to be clear, you wrote: “refugees have not perpetrated one act of terrorism in the US “. I pointed out that this an empirical falsehood, and I expect you to concede as such.

      “Dahir Adan had lived in the US for fifteen years and was -to all people- totally assimilated here”. I guess that is in argument for not letting in people in who might snap, religiously, 15 years later. Or their children, or grandchildren may dust off a copy of some book written in a desert some 1,300 years ago, and decide its precepts literally and seriously (such as chapter 9 verse 111), and therefore decide to wage war against their host country while screaming a foreign language that “God is great”.

      The point I made in the article, and that I will remake here, is that we are in a civilizational war. Jihad attacks are the most visible and poignant manifestation of the war. Indeed, since 9/11 Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 30,000 deadly terror attacks worldwide. But this is not the only manifestation of the civilizational war between the West and Islam. Britain today is 5% Muslim, and, assuming things go on as they do, it will “soon” be 95% Muslim. Will Britain be “Britain” when it is 95% Muslim, or will it be Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon,Turkey, or Dubai. Do you want your grandchildren to live in those countries?


  5. I would love my children and grandchildren to live in a country that has a large Moslem minority-Israel!


  6. That comment is unedifying. It also ignores the 23,000 Jews ķilled by Arabs (many of those Arabs living in Israel) since the 1920’s. But this is all besides the point: you assuredly would not want to live in Gaza City today. QED.


  7. Eight thousand Jews did just that: live in Gaza. They were expelled for political reasons. You keep on missing my main point: There are 1.6 billion Moslems in the world and you cannot declare war on all of them. One has to be vigilant- as in Israel- but one has to find a way how to live with them.Israel has done that and, although there continues to be attacks, Israelis go on with their lives. Of course, vigilance is paramount but , as much as you may think of it, the million Arabs who live in Israel will not be expelled. There is an illuminating op-ed piece today in the NY Times from a so-called settler , I vehemently dispute this name as we live in our land.. There are various scenarios and only one preaches expulsion, which will never happen.


    1. ‘Eight Thousand Jews lived in Gaza.’ I said Gaza City. Either way, those Jews lived in what amounted to a fortress. They required constant defense by the IDF Gaza Division. 6,000 mortars and rockets were launched against them, and forty-two of them will killed by the enemy. If that is how you would like to live, then enjoy your life. I admire the low crime, murder, rape, and terrorism of Japan, not any Arab or Muslim country your care to name. Exclusion and separation seems to be the only viable option. Millions of Arabs do live under Israeli control. Even if that doesn’t change (there are no expulsions) that does’t mean that any other country in the world should be foolish enough to import a problem they could simply avoid by not bringing in certain foreigners. If you live in a zoo, you have to deal with wild animals on a daily basis. The trick is not to live in a zoo, and not bring any wild animals into your home, lest some will be poisonous snakes.


      1. Moshe Dick
        “A thousand Jews live in the middle of Hebron” . Is that all you got? The brave Jewish pioneers there are protected by the IDF, but even with that, dozens of Jews have killed or wounded by the enemy. But, as said previously, these people agree to live in middle of the zoo, so they must be constantly vigilant against attack. Moral of the story: don’t bring in a zoo into your house. Let me ask you a trick question: would terrorism and the threat of terrorism, in the interior of Israel, increase or decrease if there were only Jews in the Jewish country?


  8. If you are proposing moving out all Moslems from Israel, at least say it. It is a legitimate view, although we, as Jews, should always be wary of doing something that will rebound upon us.


  9. This is a video of an American Soldier currently stationed in Iraq discussing the violent manners in which American civilians are treated by the local population in Iraq. He asked the question, knowing how we would be treated in their country, do we want these people in our country?


  10. Robert Gold: this clip is bull…s…t ! Not an ounce of evidence, not even a real Iraqi saying the things that this character alleges others to have said! Americans and others clearly run some fatal risk in certain parts of Iraq, mainly under ISIS control, but to imply that every American will have his head cut off anywhere in Iraq is lunacy! And this man’s questions is easily answered: when was the last time an American-in the US- had his head cut off by an Iraqi refugee?


    1. I deem it prudent not to argue with you on the subject but “not even a real Iraqi “, in what reality should that be good testimony viz these matters?


  11. Who am I to stick my nose into argument by these 2 giants. Harav Moshe Dick and Yossi Schwartz. Well, here goes…

    We indeed should feel compassion to the innocent children and refugees from the Muslim countries. However, they should not be settled in our Western countries. The majority of them will not accept our western way of life and among them will be those who want nothing less then to unravel our way of life through terror attacks. With this I am in agreement with Yossi’s allegory “of bringing a Zoo into your home”. However, I agree with Rabbi Dick we should support and transfer them for the time being into places where they are safe, and hope to return them to their homes once the danger passes. Simply put – protect and provide for them in their time of need, but not let them into our homes. Another way to look at it, many esteemed honored collectors of charity and some scnorers travel around our communities. Who really knows who is good and who has bad intentions.
    I ask – would you let them sleep in the bedroom next to your kids or would you put them in the warm basement and lock your upstairs doors. The proper thing to do, is give them shelter but do NOT be foolish and not protect your very own children.

    Rabbi Dick makes a great argument that America should and must be compassionate to the unfortunate – who can argue with that? We all know too well our history when America turned it’s back on our people. In 1941 can we really blame a typical American who did not want to lose his or her job to an immigrant. What we could and should blame America for not giving “temporary shelter” to those trying to escape the inferno of Europe. Would any of us have a problem, say, if America would have made some kind of special temporary zone or settlement, somewhere near Galviston, Texas, where the refugees would be supported by their Jewish brethren for the duration of the war. That is something America should be ashamed of it did not do.

    Keep in mind, there is another huge difference to the refugees of 1941 and those now. No one in America perceived any “personal physical harm” coming to them or their loved ones, had we admitted the refugees of 1941 to join our society. Today it is different, we are indeed frightened of individuals that strive to cause us physical harm and disrupt our normal way of life. Those that in the name of compassion want to allow in immigrants that we know among them are sprinkled in terrorist. When they do strike, how do you answer to the victims, how do you tell a little girl her father is not coming back? On this point I see the reasoning of Yossi.

    This is a difficult question. The duty of compassion expounded by Rabbi Dick and the rational caution, argued by Yossi Schwartz


    1. If you read “While Six Million Died” or any similar history from that time you would almost all the arguments that we use today to explain why Muslims should not be allowed into the United States were used to explain why Jews should not be taken in the 1930’s and 40’s. The parallels are eerie.
      Although there was no fear of being directly attacked by Jews there was a great fear that they would be spies and hand military secrets to Germany that would directly lead to American Casualties.
      I think that as a Jew it’s disingenuous to say we should ban all Muslims from entering this country. Will there be a few refugees who will want to harm us? Yes! But they are one in a hundred thousand. Should we turn away 9,999 suffering people to avoid the risk posed by the one? We have law enforcement agents in this country who can deal with the threat of those who slip through immigration.
      Let us not forget that there is not one unified Muslim community. Muslims kill each other on a daily basis over religion. The regular people live in fear for their lives in these countries. Many look forward to the opportunity to come to America to practice their religion of choice in peace and prosperity. They are not interested in the holy war. All they want to do is live a normal life and raise their family in the ways of their own parents much like we Jews do. And no person remains unaffected by their environment. Just as Jews in America became American Jews with American cultural norms so too the children of these refugees can become American Muslim and contribute greatly to American Culture.


      1. D: I linked in my main article from Ben Shapiro where he compares the Syrian and Jewish refugees. But I will link to it (or something like it) again.

        As far as assimilation, obviously some cultures, peoples, nationalities, religions, ect ect, will assimilate differently then others. It took the Germanic and Gaelic Barbarians a thousand years (in some cases) to assimilate into Greco-Roman civilization. Even then, it was only because of the awesome power of the Catholic Church, and importantly, Catholic Churchmen, that these barbarians were assimilated, and it was a near-thing. Clearly not all groups assimilate on an equal basis.

        “Should we turn away 9,999 suffering people to avoid the risk posed by the one?” Yes, of course we should. Of course the ten thousand to one ratio is understating the danger. In some Muslim countries, a plurality or majority of Muslims refuse to unequivocally condemn Bin-Laden. Should we bring in people from a country, in which 60 out of 100 have confidence in Bin-Laden? Or Hamas or Hezbollah? You decide for yourself. I will speak my message until the day I die.


    2. Sholi Katz : Good comment. I could say a number of things, but I will only say one thing, I don’t have a black heart. I am just more compassionate about me and mine then someone else. And if you think that you care about others as much as you do about yourself, please send me the money equivalent to what you spend on yourself, on a monthly basis, to demonstrate it


  12. I agree wholeheartedly! I’ve been saying the same thing for years. The parallels you draw are clear and indisputable. Unlike the first commenter here, who attempted to volley some insults with cliches and catchphrases that generally aim to portray you as a man of hate, I think you show a great ability to see the larger picture.

    We could also take an even larger look and gain even more perspective. While the short term security of our people is tied to the stability of the Western ‘Christian’ nations we currently live among and we must pray and work tirelessly for this to continue, it is also worth noting that as an exiled people our final place isn’t here. That point may take on different meanings for different people and I love hearing different perspectives of what this means on a practical level.


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