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Recapturing the Spirit of Zionism!


Recapturing the Spirit of Zionism

How to discuss Zionism? The apathy among Jews on the question of Zionism is a listlessness that has spread throughout the Jewish people. Few could even remember of the tremendous energies and passions that were the hallmarks of Zionism just some decades ago. Perhaps there is no longer a need for remarkable energy and passion in our support of Zionism. (more…)

Right is Left and Left is Right!

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“Right is Left and Left is Right”: A Rebuttal

In the “About” section of Acher’s Musings Blog,, it says thus:

“Many people are… fooled into believing that they cannot think for themselves. They need a Rebbeh, a Gadol to think for them and to get them closer to Hashem. That is diametrically opposed to the views of Judaism. We believe that each… person has the ability to connect with Hashem on their own. They can look to others for inspiration but…”

How to square the circle? I am referring to what is called Daas Torah. (more…)