About The Thinking Yid

 The purpose of this site is simple.

Here at the Thinking Yid we are not looking to land anyone in cheirim or  get anyone ostracized from their shuls. We merely seek to give people a chance to speak their minds and express what they feel.  Many people are caught in a vice, fooled by members of our community into believing that they cannot think or act for themselves. Many think they need a Rebbeh, a Gadol to think for them and to get them closer to Hashem. Children and young adults are being raised without any sense of self-worth. This is diametrically opposed to the views of Orthodox Judaism.  We believe that each and every person has the ability to connect with Hashem on their own, without any sort of medium. People can, and certainly should look to others for inspiration. However, when it comes down to it, we are not Christianity or Islam.  We believe (and know) that there is no intermediary between the individual Yid and the L-rd.

Please feel free to share your well written thoughts with the Orthodox Jewish community on our site. There are many sites on the web where people post their thoughts on the Jewish community and our religion. This site is the first that allows and encourages submissions by everyone. Not just a select few authors! Submissions are reviewed to ensure quality and can remain anonymous if the author wishes it.

For those who think they do not posses the necessary skills to translate their thoughts to the written word: FEAR NOT! We will edit your article for readability, while keeping its individual style of writing intact. 

Thank you for reading.

Not a Rebba


Why (Formerly) “Acher’s Musings”?

Password for locked posts: elishabenavuyah

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