The Mahwah Eruv: An Orthodox Perspective



Everyone stop.

Please stop it.

Just stop. 

As an Orthodox Jew,  I would like to make some things clear. No one, not one single person, would even notice the Eruv unless someone else pointed it out to them. Most of us (orthodox/observant Jews)  don’t even know where the Eruv is situated exactly. 

All I ask is that you all just please say it how it is. People do not want the Eruv in their communities. Not because it is a violation of local ordinances. Not because it is an overtime display of religious practice or even because it imposes on other’s property or space. Rather, because it means that the (observant) Jews are going to move in to your area/community/town with the Eruv now in place.

 The Eruv makes it easier to live in an area there from a  religious stand point. It enables observant Jews to perform certain activities otherwise restricted on the sabbath. It performs no other function and is one of the most unobtrusive practices we possess. 

Now all I ask is that you say it as it is. You (the opposers of the Eruv)  do not want the Eruv installed in your town because you do not want Jews to move in. You do not want the drastic change they will inevitably bring to the neighborhood. Just say it as it is. You don’t care about the Eruv. It is just the harbinger of the throngs of orthodox Jews, yet to invade your beloved hometown. 

Now let me say this. 

I understand your fears exactly!!! There are many neighborhoods and communities that have changed drastically because of the Jewish communities that have moved in.

If you want to ensure your town does not become the next Monsey, then just follow these simple instructions.  

Keep enforcing your laws and zoning restrictions that are already in place. If you can keep the already established laws and regulations, your town will not become the next Monsey. People will be unable to take a single, quaint, family home and turn it into a 500 family apartment complex. As long as the town supervisor (unlike our Christopher St. Lawrence and our town builder) and other government officials remain honest and steadfast in upholding the rules and regulations already in place, there is nothing to fear. 

Just one more time for good measure.

Just do me one favor. 

Residents of Mahwah: Do not say that the Eruv is what truly bothers you. Say it as it is. You do not want the Jews taking over your area and town. Again, I understand you. It happened to my hometown and the place I grew up. It bothers me to no end and I now need to find a new home. 

This is not an Eruv issue. This is a test.  Only time will tell if Mahwah can remain true to the values and laws it has established or if money and greed will prevail as it did in Monsey. Monsey failed this test, only to become a town where the officials were all bought off, resulting in a city saturated with issues, including over-building, over-crowding, and corruption.

A concerned, honest, and Thinking Yid.
For more reading and for an actually informative article, see

At the bottom of the article the real truth comes out.


    1. They certainly can wield a lot of power. However, as I’ve seen in my hometown, most of the damage came not from the building of religious schools and synagogues, but rather from circumventing the zoning laws and overbuilding!! It must be maintained as a single family residence area and the laws must be enforced to the utmost degree.


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