I Am A Chareidi Jew. And I Am LIVID.

This is unspeakable and BEYOND HORRIFIC!!!!!

I will not be able to stress this enough. These disgraceful animals are not representative of the Ultra-Orthodox and Chasidic Jewish communities.

If anyone knows this BRAVE חיילת, PLEASE let her know that the orthodox Jewish people of America and Israel stand behind her!!

We know our apologies do not wipe the spittle from her face but we hope she hears and believes us when we say: Thank you for your service. Thank you for standing your ground. Thank you for protecting our land!

מי שבירך לצה”ל

We hope you can find a way to forgive our despicable “brethren”and their inexcusable actions.

I am at a loss for words.

A Thinking and Sorrowful Yid



Someone just sent me this video:

They should put acid in those hoses.


  1. in the video that you posted the following event is depicted: a group of charedi youth are protesting some issue that is important to them by blocking traffic. whether you or i approve of this type of protest, the fact is that every sector of israeli society engages in it when they feel that their interests are at stake. a female soldier in uniform decides that she is going to force the protesters to allow a car through. she is acting on her own initiative, not as an agent of any authority (one can tell by the type of uniform she is wearing that she is not acting in an official capacity). in trying to clear the road she assaults several protesters (at that point she has actually committed a crime by israeli law, but that is not relevant to the issue at hand), and some of them strike back.
    take away points: despite the fact that the protesters could easily have inflicted serious injury upon her (there doesn’t seem to be any law enforcement in the area to stop them, and she is not armed), no one seems to have any interest in doing so. the fact that she is unconcerned about the “mob” injuring her indicates that even secular people such as the soldier in this video, are well aware that charedim won’t harm them even if they strike the first blow.
    while i’m uncertain of the legitimacy of blocking traffic as a form of protest, it is ridiculous to be “outraged” over it, as every sector engages in it. i don’t find hitting back after being struck “outrageous” either, although it may not reflect the highest level of midos.
    so where exactly does your outrage come from? why do you feel that the counter protesters depicted in the second video (wherein the charedim involved demonstrate exemplary midos, making no attempt to strike back against the man who is attacking them with the hose) should exacerbate their assault by using acid?
    i think that you are a yid who needs to engage in a bit more “thinking”


    1. Dear Outrage my Foot,

      Every sector of israeli society engages in it:
      Everyone?? Really – Let me direct your attention to all the left wing demonstrations in Tel Aviv, they secure a place legally, (which all free societies allow). They demonstrate the way “civil” people demonstrate by holding signs, speakers, and shouting/Screaming. When Satmar demonstrated in New York (with all the Rebbes in their heavy fur coats) did they engage in blocking roads? If they did, is it fair for the police to use force to open the roads to the rest of us in society? Sorry to inform you these are “chayas” who are supposed to be in Bais HaMedrish learning. What they are doing makes them no different then the bums in Los Angeles doing the same thing.

      Wherein the charedim involved demonstrate exemplary midos:
      You really think so?- The hoodlums block roads, they don’t let mothers pick up their children from school, make people late to work, etc. etc. violate the law of the land and you think by not attacking the hose guy they have EXEMPLARY midos

      Advice – Please head out to the nearest doctor!!!


      1. numerous left wing demonstrations involve the deliberate blocking of roads (and where held without police permits). examples: the cottage cheese demonstrations of a few summers ago, the ongoing protests outside the attorney general’s home in petach tikva, the ongoing demonstrations by the disabled demanding greater benefits. examples of other sectors who are not left wing but also engage in deliberately blocking roads: in the run up to the expulsion from gush katif, dati leumi youth blocked roads around the country on a daily basis. the same was true during various student demonstrations against university tuition costs.

        i personally am torn over the morality of using this tactic, as well as what degree of police violence is appropriate to counter it. but it simple shecker to pretend that this is a tactic invented by the peleg yerushalmi and not engaged in by every other sector.

        i strongly suspect that mr rationalist guy doesn’t live in israel, and is simply forming an opinion without knowing the facts. if he does live in israel and/or is aware of the facts, then he is simply engaging in sheker, perhaps motivated by the obvious antipathy he feels towards the particular cause that hapeleg hayerushalmi is demonstrating about.


  2. You are a moron if you think most charedim are in the side of the policewoman. Go to Lakewood and take a poll


    1. Are you joking?
      As a BMG and Mir Alumnnis, I happen to know that most learned and “yeshivish” people would not condone the kicking of a Jewish soldier or spitting on her face for that matter. Those actions are the antethesis to any learning they may have done during the day. Regardless of one’s political stance, as torah Jews we behave and act in a certain manner. We hold ourselves to a standard of behavior dictated by Halacha that in no way would ever allow for such actions as displayed in the video.


      1. Good one. Like all of the financial issues in Lakewood reflect a standard of behavior dictated by Halacha.


      2. Mr. Otman,
        I am trying to figure out if you are being dense on purpose, or not. A small group of people committing a crime is not, logically, representative of a whole. As far it has been reported, only a handful of people in lakewood were charged with fraud and I am not up to date on the case to know if anyone has been convicted yet. This type of fraud occurs everywhere and is perpetrated by many. Here is a link for your convenience. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welfare_fraud#United_States
        Just because there are some who shirk the halachos and general accepted way of behaving according to halacha it doesnt mean that others do so as well, or that others condone it.
        You are clearly not speaking out of reason or logic. There is obviously a gargantuan chip on your shoulder that is clearly pressuring you to spew utter inane and otherwise hateful nonsense with no real proof to back your opinions.
        We, of course, welcome your opinion on The ThinkingYid but kindly ask that you formulate it with reason and logic before clinically diagnosing others as “morons”.


      3. What you are saying makes no sense. This type of fraud occurs everywhere and is perpetrated by many. Why is that relevant? Doesn’t bmg people always strive to a standard dictated by Halacha.
        Since I am a psychologist, I will explain what you are doing. It pains you that many of the people that you associate with are not so honest. Some of them act crudely like in the video above. Most of them are sympathetic to that behavior or convince themselves that it’s a tiny group.almost nobody protests. You seem to be a decent person, so you try to rationalize that your colleagues are all similar to yourself. My advice – keep repeating it, you may just convince yourself


      4. The psychologist thing makes sense. I too, possess a psychology degree (Summa Cum Laude) but obviously did not pursue any higher education in the field because if someone studying psychology hasn’t yet discovers, that its a crock of S***, they never will.
        Psychology is the study of common sense. Here’s a law for you, add it to the books. If you randomly punch someone in the face, they might be mad at you. AVNER’s LAW!!!!

        But I digress.

        As to what you were saying, every group will always have the reshaim. The chachamim, the beinonim and the reshaim. Among the learned there are always those who will shed a bad light on the group “they belong to”. I personally don’t know a single bochur in Mir, BMG, or Pnovich (I have many friends and relatives in those yeshvos) who would partake in these protests, let along attack an (OFF-DUTY) soldier.
        I am protesting their behavior! Not much I can do from my Manhattan office. So this is what I’m doing. Posting this article. 4 years ago, i personally moved a washing machine out of Kikar Shabbos in Yerushalayim so cars could pass during a hafgana. And prevented two people from turning a dumpster into an unmanageable conflagration. When you bring me irrefutable proof that the MAJORITY of people are dishonest, as you imply above, then I will be forced to concur.

        Thank you.


      5. if you are referring to the video posted above, there is no police woman depicted in it. there is an off duty female soldier who, acting in a private capacity, decided to clear protesters away from a car that she wanted them to allow to pass. in the process of doing so she assaulted several of the protesters, and some of them struck back.
        please do not engage in shecker by misrepresenting what is depicted in the video.
        if you don’t know enough about life in israel to tell the difference between an off duty soldier and a police women, then please refrain from having an opinion on topics that you know so little about.


      6. The article clearly states she is a chayelet. Off duty or on duty is irrelevant. If i was the driver I would have ran them over. You should get your foot checked out…


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