Beware of Monsey School Buses



There has been another reporting of a child being hit by a school bus in Monsey!! Enough is enough!!

School Buses in Monsey are NOTORIOUS for speeding, running red lights and completely disregarding stop signs.

Please be extra cautious around them (as a driver and as a passenger).

The writers at Thinking Yid are working to raise awareness of this growing issue. The sheer madness must stop! No one should see a massive school bus barreling towards their car at 50 MPH in 5 inches of snow!!

If you’ve observed (or have a recording) of a school bus in Monsey committing a traffic violation or driving unsafely, please forward it to



Check Back Here For An Updated List:


July 2018:


Monsey School Bus caught blasting by a stop sign! Clogging the roads on a Sunday is one thing. Driving buses like it’s NASCAR is another!!
Finally Ramapo PD caught up to one of them!



Classic Monsey Schoolbus with no regard for others on the road. Narrowly avoids slamming into another car while ignoring yield sign. Please report any erratic and poor driving by schoolbus drivers!


April 2018:

School bus cuts off two lanes of traffic and narrowly avoid cars coming in both directions! Completely ignores stop sign while doing so! Corner Lyncrest and Crabapple.

March 2018:










November 2017:




February 2016:








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