777 Years Later: Notre Dame Fire


As per the article here, it is 777 years after the infamous and horrendous burning of the Babylonian Talmud, as well as other, precious Jewish Manuscripts in Paris.

What took place around the year 1240 was the infamous burning of 24 cartloads of priceless Hebrew manuscripts. Bear in mind that in the Middle Ages each book had to be hand-written! The Talmud alone is, in today’s format, about 2,300 pages. They wrote using quill pens and manufactured ink on parchment (or vellum paper that then began to be produced). The pure physical labor of sitting and writing that volume of words alone boggles the mind.

The 24 cartloads amounted to some 12,000 volumes. Louis had all the copies of the Talmud he could get his hand on collected and burned them. For his efforts, the Church canonized him as a saint in 1297.

As per a recent CNN article, a devastating fire tore through the cathedral on this Monday, toppling its spire, many feared the items — collected over the centuries — might be lost. It was unclear how many had been saved.

It’s ironic that so many worry for the items and ancient artifacts stored in the Notre Dame church when the tenants of that very church were responsible for the burning of what many people considered (and still do to this day) to be sacred, rare, and holy works.

The cause of the fires 777 years ago is well known.

The cause of the fire that has just taken place is yet to be determined.

It seems, however, that some laws of this world remain constant.


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