Something Mr. Moster Doesn’t Care For


The ongoing issue regarding the education debate in the American Chasidish community is one that has many people scrambling to take sides in. Although there will be exclusive Thinking Yid articles dressing this situation posted in days to come, the following article, written by Rabbi Avi Shafran, hits the nail on the head. His eloquence and careful word selection easily conveys an important message to all those who support Moster’s (at best) misguided efforts.


  1. feh…..Rabi Avi Shafran has been an apologist for all the excesses of Chareidim today and he continues to deny the crisis in Chareidi Judaism.. Last time I davened in my local bais hamedrash, I must have seen fifteen people asking for charity in a single morning. Well organized ,four to a taxi, they inundate the shul and then move to the next one. Most are Israeli where the art of not working has been refined to a science. Here in the US, if not for the generous welfare state (instituted by Democrats, by the way), you would see catastrophe overtaking Chareidism. I am not advocating college for every Hassid, plumbing is an honorable profession but, please, spare me the idyllic nature of chareidi (non) education. Every chareidi should get on his knees and thank FDR and LBJ for the welfare state- without which their kids would go hungry!


    1. You are making valid points. But the way in which Moster and his ilk are going about the issue is not conducive to a proper solution. The whole tzedaka situation and welfare state is another issue in itself. While it is related to the educate issue, it is not caused (solely) by it.


      1. You are right about the way Moster is going about – tremendous resentment at the way he was educated is probably at the source of it. However, the so-called “tzedaka” question is at the core of it all-especially in Israel, where working is a dirty word for Chareidim. Less so here but the lack of an education puts tremendous obstacles to a better profession and certainly, “chas vecholilo”, advanced education in a college setting. After all, you have to be able to read instructions on an electrical outlet unless you want to commit suicide! A tut Shabbos!


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